Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk All About Me

I am attempting my very first linky party! I am joining Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week '13.

10 Things About Mrs. Spriggs

1. Today I started my 10th year teaching (1 yr PreK & 9 yrs K).

2. I am married to a wonderful man and we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary.

3. We have 3 dogs! (2 Chihuahuas - Bear who is 16 and went to college with me and Newman who is 4 and a Rat Terrier - Lucille Louise "Lucy" who is 12)

4. I just started this blog and have a fear that I am talking to my self! I know that will change, especially when my Kinders start blogging!

5. A few of my absolute favorite things/guilty pleasures are frogs, coffee, reading (detective/mystery, scifi, magical, southern, classics, ANYTHING!), gardening, crafting, the beach, Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

6. A few of my least favorite things are snakes, negative attitudes, and bananas.

7. I love holidays!!! Christmas & Halloween are my two favorites.

8. I am very excited about all the new things I will be trying in my classroom this year. Whole Brain Teaching, AMSTI Math & Science, Blogger, Projec/Problem/Challenge Based Learning, Rosetta Stone, and a lot more digital tools.

9. I am an early bird. I go to bed between 8 & 9 and I get to work around 6. I do my best thinking first thing in the morning!

10. My husband SAYS he wants to block Pinterest from all my devices! However, I have designed our shed, made a paver patio, made Christmas presents for our families for the past two years, created almost all new things for my classroom, organized our kitchen, with the help of a teacher friend, I spent a Saturday creating 30 + freezer meals (only spending $230), and much much more!

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