Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Classroom Digs!

Day 2 of Teacher Week '13 - Classroom Tour
I am posting most of my pictures on the Classroom Pictures page if you are interested in seeing more. Today is the day before Meet The Teacher at our school so my room is mostly ready but not completely set up the way it will be on Monday when the kids start.

This is the year of Pinspiration (is that a word?)!!! Most everything in my room are ideas from Pinterest that I either tweaked or just flat out copied. Here we go...

(Warning - Pictures are from my IPhone so I apologize if quality is not great!)
My Classroom door! "Welcome To Our Pad"
I will put my kiddos names on little frogs and add them to the lilypad.

To the right of my door, "Our Year in Pictures". It is divided by month and will display pictures of us working and playing!

My Calendar
I found my inspiration here.
I created my own calendar pieces with a frog theme and they are here!

This is my graphing board. We will display graphs we make on the left and have a daily data graph on the right. My inspirations came from here, here, and here!

Those are a few of my favorite pictures. I will be posting more pictures on the classroom pictures page.

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