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This page is pictures of our "Pinspiration" room! I have tried my very best to give credit where credit is due. However, if you see an idea you feel i borrowed from you, please let me know so I can link to your blog!!!

Welcome to Our Pond!

 View from my door, straight back to my desk. Pardon the clutter, I'm not quite finished!

 From my door to the front & far left corner.

 From my door down the right side wall.
The loft is my reading center. It is still a mess so I will have to add pictures later.
Under the loft is my puppet stage, the hooks for backpacks and shelves for nap mats.

 The "M" (math) part of my S.T.E.M. wall. The bulletin board to the right will hold math vocab and anchor charts. My calendar set is here.
The cubbies, desk, drawers, and black shelves all hold my AMSTI/Investigations manipulatives.
I got my very cute shapes anchor chart here.

 This will be my birthday chart. I will take pictures of the kids and place under the month of their birthday. 
 My transportation list, lunch basket and awesome magnet center. The magnetic board is a automotive drip pan!!

 Hoppy Helpers (here) & Super Froggy Improvers (here) FREEBIE

This is the front of my room. I love my Promethean board. I don't know how I ever taught without it. Under the board are reading centers. The Writing and Reading boards will continue be filled with anchor charts as we make them. Above the board is my alphabet. My alphabet and overall look was inspired by Melanie at

 I am in LOVE with my black bookcase. My wonderful husband helped me sand and paint it. Then I covered the back with contact paper. It holds my CDs, IPads, listening center, and writing center.
I love this old table almost as much as my bookcase. It has one computer and the rest of my listening center. Rules for the IPad poster from here. I printed it out 81/2x11 and used a poster maker to make it bigger!

 My (messy) small group table and desk!

 Froggy Wreath! I made it for my door but since my door is now covered with a lilypad it is hanging behind my reading table. Those little froggies just make me smile!

 "Curtains" made from wrapping paper!!!

 Teaching Area
I keep all my supplies for the week in the drawers by my chair. 

 Word Wall

 Anchor Charts
I will add more anchor charts as we make them. Right now I just have our glue song from here. Check out the Top Secret Glue Techniques. It is great and has really helped my kiddos!

 Treasure Box & Storytelling Bucket
Got to love a Cameo Silhouette!!! 

 My desk and recycling bucket.

 My Spot!
I turned an old cubbie on it's side and have a great "bookcase". I also have a foam board, covered in fabric and hanging from the ceiling for a "cork" board. And my Mac Book Air!!!! I love love love my new computer. So excited about Digital Renaissance in Baldwin County.

Five more weeks of plans!!
Inspiration from here. Her classroom is adorable!!! Go take a look.
Cute pencil clipart here. FREEBIE!

 Yes, that's the potty! I posted the pic because of the super cute task cards from here.

 In the Hall!
Our Year in Pictures & Where Are We?

Boarders & Letters are from Creative Teaching Press
Other clipart from:

I have linked back and given credit to the best of my knowledge. Please let me know if I have left someone off!


  1. Love your year in pictures bulletin board!!! SUCH A CUTE IDEA!!!

  2. Oh, what a cute room! I love your loft. I used to have one until I had to move rooms. I love your curtains, and all your little details are terrific. The kids and parents are lucky to have you. I want to come visit :)
    See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom


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