Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We LOVE Books!

I am so so so so excited about joining the new linky series from Mrs. Jump's Class...We Love Books!
I am a reading addict and proud of it! I love to read anything I can get my hands on - fiction & non fiction novels, PD books, children's books, magazines, blogs, and the occasional instruction manual...seriously I might have a problem. I just love filling my head with words. My husband bought me a Kindle because he was afraid we would need a larger house just to hold my books - I now reserve the purchase of "real" books for very special books and authors to help save the hubs sanity!
In honor of such an awesome linky (and my new obsession with PicMonkey) a new froggy button!
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With this linky I hope to meet like minded readers as well as share the love I have for reading with others. My goal is to share the "grown up" books I have read and am currently reading and books I have read in my classroom.

I have spent the last few days trying to decide what book(s) to share first. There are so many great books that have impacted my journey as a reading addict, making this a very tough decision. I mean do I just start with what I am reading now or do I go back to the beginning with the books that started this obsession?!?! I printed out a list of all my books on my Kindle and have begun highlighting my favorites to try and decide what to share. Then I went and stood in front on my bookcase where only my most treasured books live (and seem to multiply on their own).

 The more I have thought about this, the more my "CDO" (or OCD) has kicked in and I think I must start from the beginning (almost).

Growing up with a grandmother that was a librarian, I was always encouraged to read. Like most girls my age I read my share of The Baby-sitters Club  written by Ann M. Martin, books by R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, and V.C. Andrews (yes, a pattern is already emerging!) but my actual obsession did not really start until high school. My other grandmother brought me a book from a yard sale that she thought I would like, All Around the Town by Mary Higgins Clark - I was hooked!

This is the book that started it all!

Not only did I love this book, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Mary Higgins Clark's writing style. I remember how excited I was to find out that my high school library carried her books. I now own almost all of her books and working on getting the others (in print of course)! There is not a book written by Mary Higgins Clark (or her daughter Carol) I would not recommend. For a complete list of her books look {here}.

And because I believe in not reinventing the wheel, here is the description from Amazon:

{click pic to purchase}
When Laurie Kenyon, a twenty-one-year-old student, is accused of murdering her English professor, she has no memory of the crime. Her fingerprints, however, are everywhere. When she asks her sister, attorney Sarah, to mount her defense, Sarah in turn brings in psychiatrist Justin Donnelly. Kidnapped at the age of four and victimized for two years, Laurie has developed astounding coping skills. Only when the unbearable memories of those lost years are released can the truth of the crime come out -- and only then can the final sadistic plan of her abductor, whose obsession is stronger than ever, be revealed.

Are you a book addict or just someone that has a good book to share? Comment below (something else I love to read!) and/or link up with Mrs. Jump's Class and share!

What are your reading right now?
Who is your favorite genre and author?
Do you have one book that started it all?


  1. Hi ! My house overflows with books and my husband is seriously thinking of getting me a kindle too for our anniversary for reasons similar to yours. :) I can read any genre as long as i find the story line interesting. But i have to admit that my favourite authors are Khaled Hosseni and Jumpha Lahiri. Their books are hard to put down and their writing is brilliant. Do try and get your hand on one of their books.


  2. I love my Kindle! Thank you for the suggestions!!


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