Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday - WOW two posts in one day!!!

It's already Friday again??? How did that happen so fast??? This has been a crazy week. I have seen way too much of our local ER, a wonderful concert, tons of FABULOUS teacher appreciation activities going on, early dismissal due to storms, no school one day due to flooding, and a talent show! 
Thank you, as always, to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting!

I started my weekend off last Friday with a call over the intercom I hope to never get again! Our bookkeeper came on at the end of the day after our first bell rang and said "Melissa, do you have kids in your room?" She proceeded to tell me to send them to another teacher because there was an emergency and I needed to come to the office. I immediately thought something had happened to one of my students that dismissed at first bell. Thankfully it was not. My husband had a slight disagreement with a chainsaw and was being taken to the ER. It has been a week and he did not cut any bones, tendons, muscle and his healing wonderfully! I am so thankful to all of my school family that have taken time to call/text/Facebook/ask about him this week. I have truly felt to power of God and Family this week and can never repay the kindness shown to us this week.
I {HEART} Darius Rucker!!!!

 For my birthday in March my fabulous husband got tickets to Darius Rucker at the Warf in Orange Beach. I was so excited!!! Then the hubs went and got into the aforementioned fight with a chainsaw the day before the concert. I had put all thoughts of Darius aside and was focused on getting to my hubby. However, my dear sweet wonderful man (Husband of the Year 2014??), was thinking about me. He called my BFF from the AMBULANCE on his way to the ER makings sure she found someone for me to go with to the concert. Having a newborn she was out but she helped convince me to ask another great teacher friend! We had the BEST TIME!!!
 My Kindergarten neighbor Katie and I ready to head to the concert!

Teacher Appreciation Week - Enough Said!
 "Thank You Mrs. Spriggs"
"Thank you For Helping Us Grow" The kids' faces are cut out onto the paper flowers!
One of many homemade cards from my sweet Kinders!
All the candy that is left from Monday. There is also a bag at home that I took to share with the hubs.
Relaxation Basket full of cards and gift cards!

Second Grade Talent Show!
These kids were awesome!!!!

Thursday we started talking about one of my favorite subjects, FROGS!!!
I will post more from our unit next week.

Now it's Friday again and I hope that this weekend and next week is a lot less eventful! How has your week been? Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share 5 things that have happened this week in your life!

Happy Friday!


  1. Ohy goodness - you have had a week! Thankful that all is well. Hugs:)


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