Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I am so happy to be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this Five for Friday. The last two weeks I have not posted due to crazy school schedules and then SPRING BREAK! This week I am sharing with you five things I did over Spring Break. My hubby was in shock when I told him I did not open an email, make anything for school or TPT, or even blog. However, these are some of the things I did do...

My hubby and I went tent camping with another couple. I have not camped in forever, especially not in a tent. We went the Friday we got for Spring Break and had a blast! We sat around the fire, roasted hot dogs, and played card games. We took our three dogs with us and they loved it. Lucy, my rat terrier, was in Heaven! She loves to be outside and had a great time just wondering around our camping spot! Sleeping in the small tent we had wasn't the best - not quite enough room for all 5 of us so last weekend we purchased a huge 10 person tent! I think we should be good for now on!

Spent an entire afternoon shopping with a teacher friend!
We went to all the great stores down HWY 59 that we never have time to get to. We had the best time finding deals and spending time together outside of school. 
Met another friend for Happy Hour!
We sat outside eating oysters (!!!) and having a few beverages. We used to do this all the time but with both of us working we had stopped. We have now made a pact to try and get together every other Wednesdays!

I spent 7 HOURS at the SPA with another teacher friend. We relaxed in the quiet room - a lot, had an hour massage, got in the hot tub, sat in the sun on the rooftop pool and ate a yummy lunch! This is again something we are going to try and do a lot more often! 

My favorite events of Spring Break happened on the two Saturdays. On the first Saturday, the hubs and I spent the day at the Loxley Strawberry Festival with my BFF since forever, her husband, and her most beautiful little girl in the world. There was yummy carnival food, the most delicious strawberry shortcake and wonderful crafts but the best part was spending time being "Aunt Melissa" to that sweet baby girl!

Then last Saturday, my mom came for a visit! The three of us went antiquing down HWY 59 and went to a few outlet stores. We had a blast. I purchase yet another piece of furniture from my favorite antique mall, Alice in Wonderland! 

Now I am back in the real world and back to business with only 20 more school days to go! How many days do you have left?

Happy Friday!

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