Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DEN STAR Report - Back from Spring Break!

Happy Wednesday everyone! After taking a two week break, I am finally back to blogging. Last week was our spring break (finally!) and I made myself promise not to do school work or blogging. I actually got to relax (what is that???)!

With only 22 school days left, I hope your kiddos are enjoying using board builder as much as mine are. I have even had kids that have gone home and created boards with their parents! That is one of those moments I teach for - when they internalize a lesson and then run with it. This week I would like to share with you more about Discovery Education Streaming Plus.

Discovery Education Streaming Plus is an invaluable multimedia resource.  Not only does it have engaging student resources but it also provides teachers with a ton of instructional support for implementing the new Common Core standards. From the Discovery Education Website:

"With hundreds of relevant model lessons and curriculum, instruction, and assessment all in one location, Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a leading source for practical Common Core instructional strategies."

This is my first year with experience with the Streaming Plus part of Discovery Education and I am officially addicted! Inside the Steaming Plus my favorite section is Common Core in the Classroom. Once you have clicked on this tab, you are able to search by specific grade level and specific standards to find resources within Discovery Education.

Directions for using Streaming Plus: Common Core in the Classroom -

 Log in to Discovery Education. Look in the center of the page and click on the Streaming Plus icon.
 Click on the tab near the top that says Common Core in the Classroom
 1. Choose your subject. Right now there is only ELA and Math. I have heard they will add Science and Social Studies as the new standards roll out.
2. Choose your grade level.
3. Select your strand.
 Next sleet a standard cluster.
 Then select a standard.
 Under the standards you will see different tabs. All standards have the explore tab and some have the model lesson and asses tabs.
 The model lessons are fabulous!!! They usually incorporate A LOT  of standards and are great for Project Based Learning lessons. I have used a few of the different model lessons and loved them. I have used model lessons from other grade levels and just adapted them to Kindergarten.
 Here is a look at the model lesson.
 This is the explore tab that shows different resources from DE that correlate with the standard you chose. This is a quick way to assign or show different resources with you class.
 A third tab that some standards have is the assess tab. This shows you resources you can use as an assessment for the standard you chose. 

I hope this had helped some of you understand how FABULOUS Streaming Plus from Discovery Education is for you and your kiddos! I would love to hear from you if you have used DE or if this ignites a spark to make you want to try. I love hearing about what you guys are doing in your classrooms!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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