Friday, June 6, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching to share 5 things going on this week! Because it is summer and I have been slacking this week, unfortunately there are no photos to make this post more interesting! 

This week the hubs and I have spending time cleaning the house top to bottom. That means that most of the house looks great except the office and garage where we keep shoveling stuff for a garage sale that may or may not happen next weekend! I am really to the point where I do not care what happens to all of this stuff - I just want it gone. 

I have spent about two weeks planning freezer meals for the rest of the summer. I am having surgery and will be off my feet for 4-6 weeks so to keep from my husband being in charge of cooking (aka fast food) I am giving him a crash course on cooking. I figure he won't mess up crockpot meals and cooking on the grill! 
I spent the a few hours at school working the other day and got a lot of copies made to help supplement reading since we will not be getting any new materials. There is a lot I could say about this but instead I will just move on to number 4!

This week I have been able to spend some time with some of best friends. First the hubs and I met up with some friends at the beach. Then I spent the morning pool side with another friend!

My in-laws are in town for a quick visit. I have great in-laws and am happy to get to spend a fews days with them. I hope you all have a great weekend as well!


  1. I certainly hope your surgery goes well. Isn't it funny how teachers save things like this for our "vacation" time? Both of my foot surgeries occurred during Christmas breaks! Tried to time my children's births for summer....didn't work! Cherish your in-laws, mine are gone now and I miss them!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I love your blog! It is so cute! Sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope it goes well. Smart you, planning meals in advance. That will make things a lot easier.
    Looking forward to my summer, doesn't start till June 26' but it's going to be a great one.
    Enjoy your time with the inlaws. :).
    Fun in K with Mrs Shea


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