Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

Happy Book Talk Tuesday!  Have you visited BookBub and signed up for your emails with free and low cost books? Isn't it great?! It's like a new gift everyday!
Unfortunately I have not had a lot of time for reading this week. I have been on bed rest and meds that keep making me sleep. But I missed posting last week and really wanted to be able to post this week!

One of my favorite children's books authors is Jim Arnosky. He and his books are amazing. I use quite a few of his books during the year. When introducing my weather unit, I read Rabbits and Raindrops. When introducing nocturnal animals, I read Raccoons in Ripe Corn. In our reading series we read Armadillo's Orange. All three of these books are wonderful. 
This year on Discovery Education, I found a Reading Rainbow episode (Did you hear they have a Kickstarter to try and make more episodes??) about Raccoons in Ripe Corn I was blown away with how amazon Jim Arnosky is as a person and writer!!! I wish I had my books here at home so that I could share with you the amazing stories and illustrations in these books. Trust me, you need to check these out!

Right now I am reading another Hetta Coffey mystery by Jinx Schwartz, Troubled Seas. I don't want to say too much about this book because there is no way I could and not reveal spoilers! I have not been able to read a lot of this book since I started it the night before my surgery but so far so good!
Click the pic to purchase from Amazon.

So now you know I am a Potter Head and LOVE Mary Higgans Clark but that is just a small part of my book/reading addiction. I am also in love with Southern writers and Southern characters. One of my favorite Southern writers is Dorthea Benton Frank. Her "Low Country Tales" are amazing. The books are set in South Carolina with wonderful characters. I have added just a few of my favorites to the slide show below. There are many more, in fact I have a new in my pile to read this summer!

What are you reading or have read that you would recommend? Leave a comment below and then link up with Mrs. Jump's Class!

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