Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Award??!! OH MY!

I am almost in tears. I cannot believe that after one school year of blogging I have won an award for two things I love most - blogging and Discovery Education!

Today I received an email from Porter Palmer, Director of DEN Global Community:


In case word has not yet reached you, let me be the first to congratulate you on being recognized at the 2014 DENny Awards. These awards are presented annually to members of the DEN community for being shining examples of what it means to be a STAR Discovery Educator."

You can watch the archive {HERE

As a brand new blogger, I alway have the fear that I am talking to myself! I love when I get comments or any feedback! I have fallen in love with blogging. I love sharing stories and ideas and getting even better stories and ideas from other bloggers.  The past two years I have been lucky enough to participate in our county Digital Renaissance Leadership Team which then lead to me becoming part of the Discovery Education Network STAR program. So the natural progression would then be to share my love and enthusiasm for DE!

If you have ever read my blog, you know I am over the moon for Discovery Education {see posts here}! I think it is one the best technology tools we can give our students and I am constantly surprised by how much more I am learning about DE. I am beyond honored to have received an award for something I love and that I feel is so important. I cannot wait to begin the DEN STAR (year 2) program next year!

Here's the complete list of recipients DENny Awards:

Best/Most Creative DEN EventDENGeocaching Day: Mark Case (NC)
Meet, Eat, Tweet, and Converse with the DEN at METC: Melissa Robison (MO)
DENaissance Fair: Judy Uhrig (NC)
Dining with the STARs (Belk Challenge): Ana Hale (GA)
DEN Gone Country: Tim Childers (TN)
Kansas City Music Experience: Cathy Mulligan (MO)
CAppy Hour: Brandon Wislocki (CA)
Cate Beck (CO)
Martha Howell (NC)
Andrea Keller (TX)
Dean Mantz (KS)
Lisa Parisi (NY)
Kristy Vincent (TX)
Zulma Whiteford (MD)
RJ Stangherlin Award – Best Individual DEN Blogger 
Rafranz Davis
Barb DeSantis
Erin Gannon
Melissa Spriggs
Rising StarMichelle Joyce (FL)
Chris Layton (TN)
Jessie Beth Miller (TN)
Beth Mossholder (CO)
Tiffany Mumm (FL)
Marianna O’Brien (CA)
Peter Panico (NC)
Bill Steinbach (IL)
Stacy Vinson (TX)
Susan Bowdoin (NM)
Jessica Donaldson (SC)
Edie Erickson (MI)
Terra-Lee Gratton AB (AB)
Renee Henderson (MD)
Pam Inabinett (SC)
Krystal Irby (NM)
Cheryl Lykowski (MI)
Alison Schleede (NC)
Neene Shields (NY)
Kat Staton (VA)
Robyn Thiessen (BC)
Karen Zilhaver (FL)
DEN Ambassador Pilot Leads:
  • Terri Gaussoin (NM)
  • Krystal Irby (NM)
  • Tiffany Goldscmidt (AL)
  • Amy Hance (FL)
  • Delsia Easely (AL)
  • Karen Green (CA)
  • Cate Beck (CO)
  • Neva Moga (WI)
  • Alison Schleede (NC)
  • Loraine Morazzano (TX)
  • Melissa Lander (FL)
  • Laura Love (NV)
  • Leslie Sellinger (NV)
  • Robyn Thiessen (BC)
  • Marita Diffenbaugh (ID)

Community Choice

Best Balloon Arch 
Pre-service Seed Planter
Shelby Bailey (MO)
Dynamic Duo Award
Sandy MacDougall (NS)
Mario Eleftheros (NS)
Guide on the Side
Jan Abernethy (PA)
Creativity Champion
Tracy Carpenter (MD)
Pushing Buttons Award 
Brandon Wislocki (CA)
Spirit of the DEN
Sheila Fredericks (PA)
DEN LegendCarmella Doty (MD)
Mark Perlman (PA)
Mary Carole Strother (TX)
Class of DEN 2014 Gurus
Sandi Dennis (GA)
Dennis Grice (CA)
Dacia Jones (NC)
Sandy MacDougall (NS)
Dave Tchozewski (MI)

Again, I am so honored to be part of this amazing group of people and hope to be able to continue to share my love for blogging, tech, and DE over the coming school year!


  1. I am so proud of you for not only embracing the change that technology has brought to your school, but sharing so many great ideas and tips!

    1. Thank you my very sweet friend! Your kind words mean a lot to me!

  2. Marilyn from Merry Mondays stopping by to thank you for joining and hope to see you next week!


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