Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Currently in Kindergarten

I am finally joining Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade with the monthly currently! 
It has been a crazy week and it is only Wednesday! Our school's feeder pattern hosted a Digital Showcase yesterday where visitors from the county came in to see how we are implementing iPad technology after only 3 weeks. I was stressed but of course my kids where not and everything went great! So I am playing catch up and sharing with you my currently.

April is going to be a busy month and May is looking that way too. I cannot believe the kids only have 32 more days and I only have 34!


  1. The warmer weather is amazing, isn't it? But I heard we will be getting some cold weather again next week. I see you're from Bama, so you'll likely be okay, but KY is supposed to get cold again!

    Enjoy the warm weather for us up north! :-)

    First Grade Nest

  2. I just wish all this weather would make up its mind and pick a season!! :)


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