Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday DEN STAR Report

Happy Wednesday!! 

Yesterday my Kinders received a great surprise, one of our 3rd grade classes came and helped us learn how to use Board Builder! Check back next Wednesday for tips and tricks and to see how our projects are going!

This week I wanted to share with you some basics of DE! Last week I sent out an email to the teachers at my school with quick tips on using Discovery Ed. I thought I would share these with you as well. If you still have questions, I would be happy to help!

How to create a class page:

1.     From the Discovery home page hover over the classroom manager tab
2.     Click “My Classes”
3.     Click “create a class” button at the top
4.     Name your class – I usually name the class by the school year
5.     Add students – you may do this by searching for a child by name or you can just filter down by grade level and go through the list. Check the box by the student’s name you wish to add to your class. Keep doing this until you have everyone in your class. If a child in your class is not showing up on the school roster you will need to email Elizabeth Davis with your child’s name, birthday, and lunch number.
6.     When you have added all of your students review your list on the right side of the screen and click add when you are done.
7.     You may print a roster by clicking “Print Roster” under the action tab next to the class you want to print.

Your class should now appear on your “My Classes” page.

How to login as a student:
I use this to be able and test assignments and to see what they will see once I get them to login.

1.     From the Discovery home page hover over the classroom manager tab
2.     Click “My Students”. A list of students should come up.
3.     On the right side of the page will see the heading “Actions”. Under this heading there is an “edit” button and “login as student” button.
4.     Click the “login as student” button and another page should open with that student’s name. You may then navigate around on their page.
5.     When you finish, close the tab for the student page. A message will be on your page saying you have been logged in as a student and will ask if you want to relogin as yourself. Click the button that says, “relogin”.

Add To My Content

1.     Search for your resources.
2.     Find the resource you want to add
3.     Click the arrow down (options) button
4.     Click “Add to My Content”
5.     Select where you would like to add the resource (I have different folders for each subject and then subfolders ex. I have a science folder and inside I have sub folders like sea life and insects)

How to Assign Lessons/Resources to Your Students (2 ways):

Assigning Resources:

1.     Search for what resources on your topic.
2.     Save them in the “My Content” section on your page. You make different folders so you can organize your material in whatever way works for you. For example, I LOVE folders so I have a folder for each subject area (Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies…etc.) and then I have sub-folders by topic (under science I have folders for Space, Sea Life, Frogs…etc.)
3.     After you have saved all the resources you want to share with your class you will click the “My Content” tab.
4.     You may assign your class your entire folder or you may “drill down” to a more specific folder or just one resource (like a video). To assign folders or resources click the “action” button to the right of the folder/resource.
5.     Click assign from the dropdown menu.
6.     Give your resources an assignment date. (I love this feature because you can assign resources throughout the year and they will not show up until you want them to – If I come across a great pirate image I can assign it now to show up in their assignments tab in May when we talk about pirates.)
7.     Pick which class and which students you want to assign the resources to – all or only some.
8.     Click Save!
(This is when I like being able to sign in as a student so I can make sure what I did shows up! **WARNING – If you made the assignment date for in the future, you will not see it until that date!)

Creating & Assigning Lessons (assignments)

1.     From the Discovery Education home page click the “builder tool” tab
2.     Click “Assignment Builder”
3.     Click “Create New Assignment”
4.     Give it a title, select grade and subject and then “save and continue”
5.     Select where in your content you want to save the project
6.     Now add instructions
a.     Click edit
b.     If you want to change the heading you can
c.      Type your directions
d.     Attach resources from the “My Content” section if you would like
e.     Click “Finish Editing”
f.      Add objectives and notes if you want the same ways as you did directions.
g.     Click “save and continue”
h.     Select an assignment date and due date
i.       Assign it to a class or particular students.

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