Friday, March 14, 2014

A Very Quick Five For Friday



Can you tell I am excited about the 12 new iPads in my room? I am making this a quick post so I can get back to finding/making projects for my kids to do on the iPads. I do want to share one post that I found during the Bright Idea Blog Hop from the amazing Mrs. Shipley. I "found" Mrs. Shipley when learning about whole brain teaching and have been a faithful online stalker since! She uses what sounds like the best app ever! Check out this blog post for more info:

I got another piece of new furniture!!! I am now very happy and very broke! I have been wanting a china cabinet forever so that I had a place to store my china other than in boxes in the top of a closet. I have never used it because really who wants to unpack, wash, use, wash, repack plates?! However, I am picky. Our house does not have a formal dinning room (it is my craft/sewing/office) so I didn't want a formal china cabinet. I wanted something rustic but pretty. My new favorite people at Silverhill Furniture & Antiques (click for Facebook page) helped me fine exactly what I was looking for and kept it within my budget! Then the very talented people at Fish River Furniture (click for Facebook page) fix the back by adding bead board (swoon!) and gave it a custom paint job! I think it turned out PERFECTLY! 

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