Friday, February 28, 2014

Five for Friday...WOO HOO Two in a Row !

I have succumbed to the stomach bug and have been out of school for a day and a half. I don't have  the pictures I wanted for this post but wanted to get it out. I plan to post pictures ASAP. Please forgive the this incomplete post!!!

Still Learning about Blogging
I am slowly but surely learning more and more about blogging. We I started this blog I just took a blind leap of faith and started typing. Since then I have read a lot a wonderfully written blogs that are also adorable. Now that I am getting the hang of writing blogs, I want to focus on making my design my own. First thing I needed to edit was my button. I realized I had made a button but had not added it correctly so that others could grab the code. During my Google search on how to properly make/add a button I came across the Grab My Button Code Generator. It was so easy! If you are in need of a button code, please check out the link above.
YouTube Channel
I have created a classroom YouTube channel here.
I love it! My kids think it is the best thing ever!!! We are busy busy busy writing and recording videos for the new channel. This week we worked on videos about the planets in the solar system. I then made QR codes to put on our mural. (see below) My kids thought it was the absolutely best thing ever!!

I am also planning to use the channel as a parent resource, especially in math. With the Investigations math series we use, A LOT of our teaching is using math games.  The kids and I plan to post videos showing how to play all of our games. 

Opinion Writing
"My Favorite Planet"
This past two weeks we have spent tackling ELA writing standard 1, opinion writing. We first worked on a writing map and then a wrote our very first PARAGRAPHS!!! I was so excited with how well everyone did. We are now publishing our work on this blog and on our YouTube channel! I will be posting my frog themed writing frames on my TPT store soon.

QR Codes & a Space Mural
My kids broke into group of two to make our solar system mural. They made lists of materials they needed to make their planets. They then made planets and we hung them in the hall. Each group record 2-3 facts about their planet and we posted our videos onto our YouTube channel. I also made QR codes that link to the videos and posted them on the mural with the planets.

After almost 3 years, the hubs and I have finally found new living room furniture that we both like! This is actually the first piece of furniture that is ours! Up until now our furniture is what I had before we got married so it is nice to have something we both picked out! Sorry for all the exclamation points, can you tell I am little excited to have a new sofa after 12 years.  


  1. Thanks for the Grab my Button link! Mine hasn't worked since I started at the end of July but I didn't know what to do... Will have to check into that this weekend.

    The Land of I Can

    1. I am so glad this was helpful for you!! Good luck!


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