Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back on Line...Finally & IPads

So I took what I thought would be just a little time off from blogging in December to spend time with Family and here it is almost the end of January and I am just getting back to my blog. It has been such a crazy month. The first full week back to school we were out 1 day because it was cold (It was in the teens. ???) and my husband had a death in his family so I was out 3 more days traveling for the funeral. The next week we had a teacher workday and a grade level planning day so I didn't teach for 2 days. This week we were out for MLK day, we will go skating tomorrow (fundraiser) for the first 2 hours, and Friday I will be visiting another school in the county as part of our Digital Renaissance team.
We will be implementing IPads into our K-2 classrooms this spring. 1st and 2nd will be 1 to 1. K will be hopefully by the fall but for now we will be 1 to 2. I am really excited about having more IPads in my room. Right now I am working with 3 IPads to 20 kids so I hear a lot of "I haven't had a turn," and "When is it going to be my turn". Right now we are only using educational apps on the IPads but I really want to move to using them as a resource not just "games".  I promise I will share anything exciting I learn with you as we get further into our Digital Renaissance. For now, here are a list of apps that I love using with my kids:

Bob Books

ABC (Photo Touch)

iLearn with Boing

A Bee Sees

ABC Magic

All of these apps have free versions for you to try. You can then purchase more games in the apps.

 I would love to hear how you guys use IPads in your classroom. Do you have any great app suggestions? Have you done any great projects with your kids? How do you store/charge a class set of IPads? Please leave your comments below.

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