Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Made it Monday!

I am finally linking back up with 4th Grade Folics for Made it Monday!

Today I have two things to share. One from school and one from home and school.

(Sorry, not a great shot of the number line!)
For the past few years, I have loved Teachers Pay Teachers. I love the products and I love the idea of helping out fellow teachers. I have always wondered how they super creative people make all these wonderful things. Well, this summer I was introduced to creating items in Powerpoint and have went crazy redoing almost everything in my room. I have had the same  "stuff" hanging on my walls for 10 years and decided it was time for a change. I also love frogs (if you can't tell from my classroom pictures), polka dots, and chevron. On thing I have searched for on many different sites is a class numbers set. I love the set I had but the numbers where very small and it was very hard for the kids to use. Also, I wanted the numbers depicted on a ten frame since we do so much work involving 10 frames. I was inspired by a lot of different sets of numbers but nothing was exactly what I wanted. Enter powerpoint, new fonts and digital papers! I must say I am very proud of my numbers. To make them a little bigger than an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, I printed them 4 slides per page and then printed them out on a poster maker. Luckily our county has a great poster maker and I didn't have to pay to print them. If you are interested, you can get them here!

 Don't judge the "buy me beige" walls - I am trying to pick paint colors as we speak!
My second share for today I made for home and then had leftovers and brought them to school. I have a wonderful mother-in-law and "aunt-in-law". They know I LOVE crafts and will use anything to make something. This summer the Mr. and I went home and they loaded me up with a little of this and a little of that. Baskets, fabric, ribbon, and more! With all these new craft supplies, my craft closet need a remodel. To make more room I decided to use some of the baskets for ribbon storage, and this is what I came up with. I had two baskets left over and brought them to school as "to file" baskets. These basket where brown so I spray painted them with black paint. For home I used my Cameo Silhouette to cut out the words on sticky back vinyl, I covered the inside with the zebra contact paper that I found at Wal-Mart. I have not cut words for the baskets at school. When I brought them to school I didn't know what I wanted them for and since discovering their use, cannot seem to remember to cut words when I get home!

Needless to say, I need to file quite a bit at the moment. Also, notice the past years Mamma Mia photos on the back wall! 

What nifty things have you been making? Link up and let us know!

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