Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witchy & Wild Things Wednesday!

Happy Halloween Eve!!

I just wanted to stop by and give you an update on how my Wild Things project was going.

Monday we read the book Where the Wild Things Are and made our very own wild things. We have been talking about adjectives so we made a list of adjectives to describe our wild things.

Tuesday we started talking about opinions. The kiddos were full of them but were stumped when I asked them why they liked what they liked. That took a little longer. When I asked if they liked the book or not, I was afraid that everyone would say they liked it. Luckily I had one person say they did not like it. This worked out perfect. Her reason for not liking the book (it was about monsters) ended up being a few of the kiddos reason for liking it. We had a great discussion about how our opinions are never wrong but we can always change them. After watching the video on Discovery Education we had a chance to discuss more reasons whey the kids liked/disliked the book and who liked the book or video best.

Today we read and watched different book reviews. Two for Where the Wild Things Are and two on two different books. We discussed the different parts in the reviews. The kiddos are getting really excited about writing their own reviews. Today, we also wrote about when we feel wild. I am so impressed with their writing, it keeps getting better and better!

Tomorrow we will write two different book reviews. First we will review Where the Wild Things Are. We have been orally reviewing the book all week so it should be the easiest way (fingers crossed) to teach them the format. (Here is my form!)
Today we also made pattern witches. They turned out too cute!!!! I found the idea on Pinterest. I will say that considering the picture on Pinterest is work by 5th graders, my kiddos did AWESOME! Next year I will have them all turn their paper "tall ways" and only give them half a sheet of black paper to make a skirt. That way they have more room to actually make a pattern with the legs. For the shoes, I folded a piece of black paper in fourths and just drew a shoe and cut it out. I love the different placement of the feet and the different directions they turned them.

I am headed to the kitchen to make some mummies in a blanket for our Pumpkin Party tomorrow! What fun treats do you guys have planned for Halloween with your kids?

**Cooking Update**

I used two cans of crescent rolls and a large package of beef smokies. I unrolled the roll, patted the rolls into a sheet of dough. I looked for the uncut roll of dough but I didn't see it this time at my store. I used my pizza cutter and cut small thin slices of dough (see above). I wrapped the strip of dough around the smoke and left a gap near the top. I will put small dots of mustard on them tomorrow for eyes. I also made a few regular piggies in a blanket for the grown ups and just some blankets for anyone that doesn't eat meat. (see below)

 Toasted Mummies!

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