Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday

I am really making an effort this week to set a blogging schedule. I have found that linky parties help a lot with this! So, I am doing my second linky party for the week. I hope this will help me boost my posts!
 The best thing about this Friday is EARLY DISMISSAL!!! The kids got out 12:00 and the teachers stayed and got to work in their rooms. For me that means inputting grades for report cards and getting ready for Peer to Peer coaching we will do on Monday. 
This morning we had our Open House Math Breakfast. The parents are invited to come eat a biscuit with the kids and then we show them how to play our math games we have been learning.
 Counting Jar
 Roll and Record on the Promethean Board
Build It 
 My kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE this. They were so excited to have their parents come to schools with them and even more excited to TEACH them what we have been learning. I really love this day. It gives the kiddos ownership of their learning, it makes them feel great, and the parents see how much they have learned in just 9 weeks. I am so appreciative of all the parents that came out this morning to support their children!
I love this picture!!! By the end of the Open House the kids had brought their parents and their library books to the carpet to read. They were reading them together and my heart melted. Maybe it wasn't math but WOW! What a powerful time for the children and the parents.
 Our Class Tree
 Our Class Tree Hall Display
In September we adopted a tree right outside our classroom window. We got a chance to explore around the tree to see what was under it. We measured how big the circumference of the trunk. And we drew pictures of what it looked like in summer (it is still 90+ degrees here). We are anxiously waiting to see what will happen to our tree when it starts to get cold. We think the leaves might change and maybe even fall off. 

Back at the beginning of the month we did a unit on Farms. I have posted pictures on my classroom page of the Directed art cow pictures we did but I wanted to share them again. Today all the parents were so excited by the pictures, a few even said they wanted to frame them! Made this teacher proud. I found my directed art instructions from Deep Space Sparkle and then tweaked it just a bit. We used crayons to draw the cow and color spots and the utter. We also used crayon the draw a sun (optional). Then we painted the sky with a blue color wash. Then we figured out how to use all "the extra blue paint" to make green grass. I must say that all the cows turned out FABULOUS!
 And on a personal note...
 Today the hubby and I are headed to north Alabama to visit family and attend a COSTUME WEDDING! Yes, you read that right a costume wedding. It is for my husband's BFF and should be very interesting. I am very excited to be able to dress up and finally get my husband to participate.

Well, that is my 5 for Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. A costume wedding? Sounds interesting!! And I love the open house math idea! That could be a great way for me to get more parent involvement!
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