Saturday, August 3, 2013

So this is my very first blog post! It is kind of weird knowing that I am just talking to myself right now. Hopefully that wont be the case for too long.

About me: I am beginning my 10th year teaching. This is my 9th year teaching Kindergarten. I always thought I wanted to teach older kids until I began teaching Kindergarten and fell in love. I love setting high expectations for my "babies" and watching them shoot past them. I am trying a few different teaching styles this year and I hope to use this blog to document my journey and as a classroom tool.

This has been a summer of learning! I have learned how to make my own classroom signs and such. I am a little OCD and I love frogs. I have had a hard time finding exactly the look and wordage I want so I am slowly making my own things. After spending hours on everything I decided to share them! I have just started a Teachers Pay Teachers store and am in the process of creating a Teacher's Notebook shop.

When not creating for my classroom, I have been online teaching myself Whole Brain Teaching (Power Teaching) techniques. I began slowly incorporating some of the techniques last year but really hope to do a much better job this year. (Visit for more info!)

When not attached to my Mac, I have been attending workshops!! Since February I have attended workshops once/twice a month to learn how to use Project Based, Problem Based, and Challenged Based learning in my classroom. I will be slowly adding these lessons into my plans as well as teaching my grade level how to do the same. For two weeks this summer I lucky enough to attend year 1 AMSTI (Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative) training. One week in science and one week in math.

Wow, putting all this in writing is making me excited and more than a little nervous for all the changes about to happen in my classroom. If anyone out there has done any of the teaching methods I'll be trying, any advice is totally welcome!!

So begins my blogging journey. I was worried I wouldn't have enough to say but I guess that's not going to be a problem. I look forward to meeting new friends, sharing my cheers and tears, and even letting my kiddos dictate and maybe even type their own posts. I will begin next week with the customary classroom pics. (Because I am a visual learner and love looking at pictures!)


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