Sunday, August 18, 2013

Catching up with Teacher Week '13 Teacher Tips!

Teacher Tips!

I cannot believe I have caught up with the Teacher Week posts AND school starts tomorrow. It feels like summer just started and now we are back to work. Here are a few tips that have helped me over the past 10 years.

1. SMILE! It's hard to get too upset if you have a smile on your face. The more you smile, the more the people around you smile.

2. Fake it ~ well sort of! If something doesn't go the way you planned, keep going. No one will know but you!

3. Make notes! What works & what doesn't. Did something work really well? Write down in as much detail as possible what you told the kids. I like to make notes on my lessons plan page. That way I can add or take away from my plans the next year.

4. Be a life long learner! Learn new things for you and your kids. This year I am starting this blog and trying Remind 101. I also complete AMSTI training and will be teaching Math and Science in a new way.

5. Embrace change! We cannot teach our children the way we were taught. The job choices of the future are not the same as the job choices we had. In our school system we are implementing Digital Renaissance ~ computers and devices for all students. The city of Daphne is partnering up with the five Daphne School and SEEDS (Supporting Education Enrichment in Daphne Schools) to create a plan for Growing SEEDS: A New Vision for Every Daphne Graduate -- Learn more!

I hope we all have a great year! Share some of your tips for a great year in the comments section!!

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